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While no drugs were found on her, the police officer found incriminating messages on her mobile phone that appeared to refer to drug dealing. But the three killers in civilian clothes came and went on a motorcycle without any interference from the uniformed cops. unisa theses and dissertations online This is what great long or short essay about drugs pieces will focus on. Duterte was Davao City mayor for most of the years between and I will be the one to answer for it and go to prison.

Uniformed police officers together with journalists arrived at the scene soon thereafter. We write an argumentative essay drugs that will clearly show the cause of the problem and the possible problem solution essay about drugs menace. database coursework yahoo When his father suspected him of being involved in drug dealing in , he surrendered his son to police custody.

The cases investigated in this report are apparent extrajudicial executions, which can be defined as the deliberate killing by state security forces or their agents of a person in custody. Soon thereafter, gunshots rang out, and the shouting stopped. professional cv writing service visual After Agrigado opened the door, the armed men, later identified in the police report as undercover police officers, dragged him outside and ordered everyone out of their one-room home. Governments are obligated to conduct prompt, thorough and effective investigations through independent and impartial judicial bodies; bring to justice those responsible for criminal offenses; provide prompt and full reparations to victims; and prevent future violations.

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Even prior to announcing his candidacy for the May presidential election, Duterte was already very clear about his intention to eliminate crime by eliminating criminals: My order is shoot to kill you. Then suddenly other people arrived and put [police] tape denying entry.

Those killed have been typically been people struggling to make ends meet for themselves and their families—work is irregular if they have work at all. He was taking a midday nap at the home of a known drug dealer couple, Anne and Jowel, who operated a drug den inside their home. Buy argumentative essay about drugs in the philippines They assert that Paular was unarmed and was trying to hide from the police. Whether or not the unidentified assailants doing the actual killing were police officers or agents of the police, the similar tactics used in the cases documented by Human Rights Watch showed planning and coordination by the police and in some cases local civilian officials.

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Human Rights Watch examined the police reports in nearly all of the cases investigated. Duterte has also attacked and threatened foreign critics of his abusive war on drugs. best writing service websites based To write an essay on war on drugs, you first need to understand why drug abuse is a problem. The men grabbed him and slammed him into a concrete wall several times, and then they threw him…outside.

They would wear civilian clothes, often all black, and shielded their faces with balaclava-style headgear or other masks, and baseball caps or helmets. The masked armed men remained when the SOCO police investigators arrived, demonstrating they were coordinating with the uniformed police and the SOCO investigators. best online dating profile writers Those in a position of command can be held criminally responsible for failing to prevent crimes against humanity by those under their command, or to submit the matter for prosecution when they knew or should have known about the crimes. I will do the explanation in public for international release if you want.

When the smoke of gun fires subsided, the three 3 known drug personalities lay dead on the spot. Police investigators arrived moments later and were assisted by the gunmen. my community service essay Rogie Sebastian, 32, was a pedicab driver and a habitual drug user.

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According to the police report, police recovered a. There were also uniformed cops outside, they did not go inside the house. Buy argumentative essay about drugs in the philippines You can them [also] because you are the victims.

Local residents often said they saw uniformed police in the vicinity before the incident, securing the perimeter—but even if not visible before a shooting, special crime scene investigators would arrive within minutes. Sensing danger on their lives, said operatives returned fire against the suspect who was seriously injured. Buy argumentative essay about drugs in the philippines We write an argumentative essay drugs that will clearly show the cause of the problem and the possible problem solution essay about drugs menace. The family argued with them, saying they were looking for Fernan, the drug-dealing owner, and not Sebastian, who they said had not used drugs for months.

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